From my phone, with love

So today I went to the Green River Community College campus in Auburn. I was almost literally dragged by my mom, because it was for some socializing thing. I mean, I literally met no one. We actually just worked on some paperwork and paying fees and stuff.

I hate socializing. I’m an introvert. Are you an introvert? Maybe tell me in the comments.

So, that’s the main reason why I forgot to post today. Sorry. I was just running around all day and actually fell asleep at like 6pm and slept for almost two hours! But I’m awake now and decided to just post SOMETHING so that I wouldn’t haters πŸ˜‰

This IS from my phone, and my last post was on the computer. So I guess this is kind of a test. I normally use my computer for situations like this, but I decided to use my phone and test it out. So far the WordPress mobile format is pretty AMAZING.

Darn it, there was something I was gonna say. Um…Oh right, got it. I took a personality test today, that one that’s like professional or something. It’s called Jose or something? Either way, I think I will post that tomorrow and maybe give you guys the link to it.

And remember: From my phone, with love πŸ˜‰


4 thoughts on “From my phone, with love

  1. So, I saw your blog announcement via Pinterest. I once tried to start a blog, but I never had anything to say. I love writing and reading so, looking forward to reading more. Good Luck!


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