[Insert witty title here]

I realize I haven’t been posting every day, and I do apologize for that. I know I’m so important to the 0.0000001% of the world’s population that actually read this blog 😛

So, I started the Running Start program at Green River Community College on Monday. Been pretty busy since, but I PROMISE that I will try and be more faithful with this site. Just the first week of college is a little hard to get used to, especially since I have to take the bus on Wednesdays.

I’m taking English 101, Public Speaking (Communications 220), and Math 107. My favorite class so far is English 101, because of my teacher and the students and assignments…so pretty much everything about it.  I hate public speaking, and I’m only taking the class because my Economics class was canceled :/ And, of course, Math 107 seems a little boring right now. It’s just a kind of “life-applicable” kind of math, and hopefully it is more interesting later on.

This evening I have another Public Speaking class, which is horrible, and I have to bring an object and talk about what it means to me. Kind of like a college-level show and tell, right? Well, I have no idea what to bring. My mom’s ideas were okay, but I’m going to ask my sister’s opinion because she thinks more like a teenager (she’s two years younger than me) and less like an adult.

Um, that’s pretty much it, actually. I’ll probably give you updates on college, but I’ll be sure to talk about other stuff too 😀

Have a great day!


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