Life Goes On

Okay, first order of business. I need to figure out some cool titles.

Next order of business 😀

Nah but seriously. So I’m taking classes again at Green River College (I guess they dropped the “community” part?). I’m taking Symbolic Logic, which is really just logic. We’re learning about types of arguments (deductive and inductive) and how to tell if they’re strong or weak or valid or invalid. Stuff like that. I’m also taking English: Humanities, which is actually pretty interesting at the moment. My teacher is great, she taught my English 101 class as well. We’re going to see play in Seattle in February, so that’s neat.

Er…oh right. And I’m taking ANOTHER communications class by the same guy who taught my Public Speaking class last quarter. This one’s called Small Group Communications, but we still sometimes have to talk to the whole group of students as well. It’s been okay, but just yesterday (it’s on Tuesdays and Thursdays) we finally got into groups and talked about general topics. It was waaay better. Plus I actually know a couple of people in that group…well, one of them. And the sister of someone who was in my Public Speaking class last quarter. So that’s cool.

My logic class is a bite annoying, since I’ve got to ride the bus EVERY SINGLE DAY now. But life goes on. Hey, that’s a great title! I’m gonna use that. In case you were wondering, here’s my previous title: “So Yeah Here I Am [Still Not Great At The Whole Title Thing]”

Pretty sad, right?

I’ll be reviewing something soon; actually, I just finished Ender’s Shadow by Orson Scott Card so maybe that. And I guess I’ll suggest a song, for some unknown reason.

Song Suggestion: Secrets by OneRepublic

Maybe you’ve heard it. It’s one of my favorites songs right now (behind Counting Stars by OneRepublic) and it reminds me of Finnick from Mockingjay and Catching Fire. I’d love to make a music video for him after the movies are all out. Let me know whatcha think!

Bye and have good day, and remember…Life Goes On XD


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