Poetry and Comic Books

So I’ve written some poems and I thought I’d post them here. Here’s the first:

Left and right and right and wrong

And left behind to sing a song

And right behind you looking left

And looking right and heading west

And left and right and writing books

And singing songs and shining hooks

And going left or going right

And down the road, tonight’s the night

And is this right or is it left

Or is this wrong and that is left

So many choices, some right some wrong

Some may be left, won’t know for long

Time is up now make it right

Or is right wrong and left is right

Right is wrong, I’m sure of it

But right says right and left is left

So the opposite of right is left

Is what’s left wrong or is left what’s left

Or are both wrong and there’s another left

Two lefts, one wrong, a single right

More that enough for just one night

I’ll go right to sleep and dream some dreams

For in my dreams I’ve left these things.

And that’s it. Kinda long to read on a blog, but eh. I’ll post my others along with my next few posts, I’ve only written like…erm…4 or 5 poems. Anyways, you’re probably wondering about the “comic books” part of the title 😀

You’re in luck! I think. I’ve started reading comics (at least in order and more often) and I just read the Marvel story arc (er, crossover) called “Civil War.” If you know anything about the Marvel Cinematic Universe, you may know that the next Captain America movie is called “Captain America: Civil War” and is expected to be based on this crossover comic. And let me tell you…it was fantastic. I love Chris Evans as Captain America in the movies, but the comics make him so much more hardcore! He like literally beats up all these guys with robotic suits surrounding him, jumps out of the helicarrier, lands on a flying F-14 fighter jet, gets the pilot to land in a football field, and then they go get a burger and fries. Enough said.

I’ve also begun reading the Ultimate Comics Spider-man, which is about a kid named Miles Morales. He is basically like a new spider-man, and you’d have to read it to really understand. But I’d really recommend it, especially since for some people (NOT ME) Peter Parker’s story has become boring.

So yeah. Those were kind of like reviews, right? I hope so. Boredom is setting in now, I’ll be back hopefully before the end of this week.

Have a fantastic day…er…night!


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