More Comic Books!!!


Yes, more about comics. Don’t get me wrong, I have a movie review for next time. But just recently I – like I said in my last post that hopefully you read (hint hint) – began reading comic books. And, of course, since Spider-man is my favorite, I have more than one about him. And to tell you the truth, I’m pretty much addicted. Well, I mean I just love reading them and they’re just like spectacular 😉

I’m currently reading the Spider-man Civil War story arc, which is parallel to the official story. It’s pretty sweet, and way longer. I read the second Miles Morales comic, who you should know about from my previous post (if not then just go read it already!).

I read another Spider-man comic last night and today am reading one by Mark Millar called 1985. The premise is fantastic, like most of his. If you haven’t heard of him I highly recommend looking him up. Him and Brian Michael Bendis are my two favorite comic authors at the moment.

I’m writing this on the bus, so hopefully this WordPress app I’m using on my phone works well. I’ll check it out on my laptop later.

Tomorrow (or perhaps the day after) I’ll be posting a review on the movie “White or Black” which I was dragged to by my mom and sister. I’m kidding, it actually was a good movie. Now have patience, my 1.5 readers 😀


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