Happy Valentine’s Day!

I hope you’re with your significant other today! Cause I’m not. I have no significant other. Just my mom and sister. Poor me 😦

Ha now here are those poems I promised:


When you’re in love
You know it
When I’m in love
I know it

Love comes in so many ways
With so many plays in so many days
But the bond it creates
Can never change
Not once, not twice
But forever it stays
Love is lasting, if it’s true
You say to me, I say to you
Don’t hate, love. Love is what counts
Hate is pointless and can fill you with doubts
What is love? What is hate?
They’re opposites for sure
Love creates bonds and hate breaks them
But if the love’s strong enough
On both ends of the rope
No cutting, no snapping, no breaking will do
Not if you’re sure, and I’m sure too
That you love me, and I love you.


You probably have flaws.
I guess everyone does.
But when I see you,
Or hear you,
They’re not there at all.
And those flaws that you do have?
I’m sure they’re the best.
The best, and most perfect,
And unique flaws of them all.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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