Writing vs. Authoring


Is there a difference between liking to write and being an author? I’m not sure, but I do know that I’m probably somewhere in the middle. I write stories – er, lemme just stop right there. Basically, I’ve made up about 42 different story ideas (not exactly, and yes, that is a reference to The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy 😉 ). I think up new premises and stories all the time, and about 75% of them get a few physical notes while only about 50% actually gets partially written into a word document – or at least a sizable collection of notes.

For example, I have three folders next to my bed each with a collection of notes and I believe at least one has a drawing. One folder is an idea my sister and I came up with called Partial (no relation to that book called Partials, we didn’t even know that it existed until later). The story has to do with an apocalyptic future in which a virus has infected the entire human race and give about half of them superpowers. But the powers are generally weak, like temperature control or night vision. But the partials, as they are called, train themselves and yadda yadda you don’t wanna hear all that. Well, maybe later.

Anyways the other two are: a time-traveling teenager from the future with a gene that allows him to control his personal time relativity (but he doesn’t know); and a thing based on a dream that I currently call Wonka World. It sounds kinda idiotic but basically it’s a place where a mass of popular fandoms have sections of land where they recreate a place from their book series (or TV or movie I guess). And in the center (and underneath) is Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory.

I know I know I know. Weird. But have you recently (or ever) read Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator? Because it’s almost better than Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. There’s this whole part where Charlie and Willy Wonka have to go deep into the factory, and they go underground and there’s like chocolate mines and stuff. Anyways, it’s actually pretty fun even though it was written for kids 🙂

Those two – er, sorry, three? – stories are just a few of the ones I’ve actually put a lot of work into and either written or just majorly brainstormed. Wonka World is more of an idea from a dream that I would like to actually create, but it’ll probably never happen. But I promise, if I ever am like a millionaire or just generally rich, I will make it. It’ll be like a better version of Disneyland, because we’ll get other fandoms and not just Disney movies 😉

Okie dokie now what?

Right well, I didn’t watch Maleficient. Sorry. My mom and sister and I have been rewatching Lost, and it’s so odd watching since I remember like bits and pieces but then certain parts are just totally foreign to me. We just started the second season now, after they open the hatch and stuff. It’s a really good show.

I’m still reading comics, if you’re wondering. But you probably weren’t. So never mind. I’ll try and post soon-ish about something else, but I seriously can’t promise a review, sorry.

Have a good day! And remember, always carry a towel.

Don’t Panic


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