Writing vs. Authoring


Is there a difference between liking to write and being an author? I’m not sure, but I do know that I’m probably somewhere in the middle. I write stories – er, lemme just stop right there. Basically, I’ve made up about 42 different story ideas (not exactly, and yes, that is a reference to The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy 😉 ). I think up new premises and stories all the time, and about 75% of them get a few physical notes while only about 50% actually gets partially written into a word document – or at least a sizable collection of notes.

For example, I have three folders next to my bed each with a collection of notes and I believe at least one has a drawing. One folder is an idea my sister and I came up with called Partial (no relation to that book called Partials, we didn’t even know that it existed until later). The story has to do with an apocalyptic future in which a virus has infected the entire human race and give about half of them superpowers. But the powers are generally weak, like temperature control or night vision. But the partials, as they are called, train themselves and yadda yadda you don’t wanna hear all that. Well, maybe later.

Anyways the other two are: a time-traveling teenager from the future with a gene that allows him to control his personal time relativity (but he doesn’t know); and a thing based on a dream that I currently call Wonka World. It sounds kinda idiotic but basically it’s a place where a mass of popular fandoms have sections of land where they recreate a place from their book series (or TV or movie I guess). And in the center (and underneath) is Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory.

I know I know I know. Weird. But have you recently (or ever) read Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator? Because it’s almost better than Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. There’s this whole part where Charlie and Willy Wonka have to go deep into the factory, and they go underground and there’s like chocolate mines and stuff. Anyways, it’s actually pretty fun even though it was written for kids 🙂

Those two – er, sorry, three? – stories are just a few of the ones I’ve actually put a lot of work into and either written or just majorly brainstormed. Wonka World is more of an idea from a dream that I would like to actually create, but it’ll probably never happen. But I promise, if I ever am like a millionaire or just generally rich, I will make it. It’ll be like a better version of Disneyland, because we’ll get other fandoms and not just Disney movies 😉

Okie dokie now what?

Right well, I didn’t watch Maleficient. Sorry. My mom and sister and I have been rewatching Lost, and it’s so odd watching since I remember like bits and pieces but then certain parts are just totally foreign to me. We just started the second season now, after they open the hatch and stuff. It’s a really good show.

I’m still reading comics, if you’re wondering. But you probably weren’t. So never mind. I’ll try and post soon-ish about something else, but I seriously can’t promise a review, sorry.

Have a good day! And remember, always carry a towel.

Don’t Panic


Ooh I’m a Terrible Person

It’s been a few days. Sorry. And guess what? I didn’t watch Maleficient. Guess what I watched on Valentine’s Day? I watched the original Die Hard.

And to be honest, it wasn’t that great (SORRY FANS OF THE MOVIE). I can understand that it was a major turning point for action movies, but it is plotless and characterless. Well, not really. But the plot is really not that great (or it isn’t pressed upon that well, I feel), and the characters just kind of do exactly what you expect. No drama, no twists, no reasons for anything. No feeling of justice at the end, either. Because they’re not even real terrorists. Heh 😀 Spoilers!

Don’t get me wrong, Bruce Willis is a fantastic actor and his movies rock. I’ve seen The Fifth Element, Twelve Monkeys, Armageddon, (sadly, not The Sixth Sense yet), etc. Actually that’s about all, I think. But sorry, Die Hard wasn’t that great. I mean, now I can say I’ve seen it. But I probably wouldn’t watch it again. It’s understandable, I guess, for people back in 1988 (the year it came out) to think it was great because it was a major turning point in action cinema. Now it’s just an okay movie with young Bruce Willis and young Alan Rickman. Oh right, Alan Rickman. He was fantastic in Die Hard. I loved being able to watch him without immediately thinking of him as Professor Snape from the Harry Potter series. Most of the time I can’t help but think “Snape” every time I see him, but in Die Hard he was young enough and different enough to keep that thought from really taking place.

So, if you really like Die Hard, I don’t mind. But I’d probably not be a great movie-buddy 😉

I also watched Mr. Peabody and Sherman with my sister yesterday, and that movie was actually about three times better than I expected. Honest. But I’ll talk about that later, I’ve gotta go.

Have a fantastic day!


Happy Valentine’s Day!

I hope you’re with your significant other today! Cause I’m not. I have no significant other. Just my mom and sister. Poor me 😦

Ha now here are those poems I promised:


When you’re in love
You know it
When I’m in love
I know it

Love comes in so many ways
With so many plays in so many days
But the bond it creates
Can never change
Not once, not twice
But forever it stays
Love is lasting, if it’s true
You say to me, I say to you
Don’t hate, love. Love is what counts
Hate is pointless and can fill you with doubts
What is love? What is hate?
They’re opposites for sure
Love creates bonds and hate breaks them
But if the love’s strong enough
On both ends of the rope
No cutting, no snapping, no breaking will do
Not if you’re sure, and I’m sure too
That you love me, and I love you.


You probably have flaws.
I guess everyone does.
But when I see you,
Or hear you,
They’re not there at all.
And those flaws that you do have?
I’m sure they’re the best.
The best, and most perfect,
And unique flaws of them all.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


And Again With The Poetry…

Yup, that’s right! This one is a lot shorter but I still enjoy it. Also, I’ve got one for tomorrow on Valentine’s day – actually two. And…action!

Poor, Poor Poem

Written with mine own hand
This poor poem is
Poor thing
Such a writer you do not deserve
I am just to simple
To ordinarily poor
In appearance
In skills
And intelligence too
To write such a poem
And to pen you true
But my hands do not shake
My eyes will not blink
I’ll write and perfect you
Scratch out and rewrite
No person will love you
And know you as well
As I did
As I do
As I always shall


Movie Review!!!


Black or White (2014)

First off, I didn’t want to see this movie. It just seemed like a boring drama. I do enjoy dramas, but I normally enjoy other genres of movies more (science fiction, action-adventure, etc.). Like The Imitation Game starring Benedict Cumberbatch (which isn’t really sci-fi or exactly action-adventure – but come on, it’s Benedict!). I really really really want to see that for multiple reasons, but mainly because it’s Benedict Cumberbatch. He’s a fantastic actor and I eventually want to see everything he’s been in. And if you haven’t seen Sherlock, shame on you. Go binge watch it on Netflix RIGHT NOW.

And…back to the actual movie review. I tend to get sidetracked, as you might tell 😉

Black or White stars Kevin Costner as a Caucasian (obviously I’m not being racist, it’s just a major theme of the movie) grandfather – yeah, he’s that old now – who’s wife just died. His granddaughter, Eloise (played by Jillian Estell), is half African-American.

It’s honestly rather slow in the beginning, since it’s less plot driven and more just like following around Costner’s character as he drinks a lot because of his wife’s death. He’s currently the guardian of Eloise.

The back and forth between him and Eloise is really good (and cute). They have little bits of dialogue here and there, and it takes a while to get the whole picture of what’s going on in their lives.

Soon you find out that Eloise’s African-American grandmother (played by Octavia Spencer) wants custody of her, and Costner’s character doesn’t want to let her go. More unfolds and you discover the history of Eloise’s parents…

I guess I’m not going to spoil it for you 😉

But I think you’d like it, especially if you even slightly enjoy dramas. The movie is fairly slow at the beginning, but later on we get to be in a courtroom and is rather interesting once the characters are developed. All the characters – and I mean literally ALL – are dynamic and round; they all change or have a realization of their wrongs by the end. It really is good.

Last thing… one of my favorite parts of the movie is the underlying theme of racism. It feels like the screenwriter and director (which I think was the same person but I really don’t want to look it up right now) were trying to make that as real as possible. I don’t want to spoil anything, but the final word about racism in a later courtroom scene really is great. It’s my favorite part.

Well, I hope you enjoyed my movie review. I’ll probably do a book – or comic book review 😉 next. I may see Maleficent (gosh I really hope I spelled that right) this weekend so maybe I’ll so a review on that. I hope it’s better than I’ve heard :/

Have a great day!


More Comic Books!!!


Yes, more about comics. Don’t get me wrong, I have a movie review for next time. But just recently I – like I said in my last post that hopefully you read (hint hint) – began reading comic books. And, of course, since Spider-man is my favorite, I have more than one about him. And to tell you the truth, I’m pretty much addicted. Well, I mean I just love reading them and they’re just like spectacular 😉

I’m currently reading the Spider-man Civil War story arc, which is parallel to the official story. It’s pretty sweet, and way longer. I read the second Miles Morales comic, who you should know about from my previous post (if not then just go read it already!).

I read another Spider-man comic last night and today am reading one by Mark Millar called 1985. The premise is fantastic, like most of his. If you haven’t heard of him I highly recommend looking him up. Him and Brian Michael Bendis are my two favorite comic authors at the moment.

I’m writing this on the bus, so hopefully this WordPress app I’m using on my phone works well. I’ll check it out on my laptop later.

Tomorrow (or perhaps the day after) I’ll be posting a review on the movie “White or Black” which I was dragged to by my mom and sister. I’m kidding, it actually was a good movie. Now have patience, my 1.5 readers 😀


Poetry and Comic Books

So I’ve written some poems and I thought I’d post them here. Here’s the first:

Left and right and right and wrong

And left behind to sing a song

And right behind you looking left

And looking right and heading west

And left and right and writing books

And singing songs and shining hooks

And going left or going right

And down the road, tonight’s the night

And is this right or is it left

Or is this wrong and that is left

So many choices, some right some wrong

Some may be left, won’t know for long

Time is up now make it right

Or is right wrong and left is right

Right is wrong, I’m sure of it

But right says right and left is left

So the opposite of right is left

Is what’s left wrong or is left what’s left

Or are both wrong and there’s another left

Two lefts, one wrong, a single right

More that enough for just one night

I’ll go right to sleep and dream some dreams

For in my dreams I’ve left these things.

And that’s it. Kinda long to read on a blog, but eh. I’ll post my others along with my next few posts, I’ve only written like…erm…4 or 5 poems. Anyways, you’re probably wondering about the “comic books” part of the title 😀

You’re in luck! I think. I’ve started reading comics (at least in order and more often) and I just read the Marvel story arc (er, crossover) called “Civil War.” If you know anything about the Marvel Cinematic Universe, you may know that the next Captain America movie is called “Captain America: Civil War” and is expected to be based on this crossover comic. And let me tell you…it was fantastic. I love Chris Evans as Captain America in the movies, but the comics make him so much more hardcore! He like literally beats up all these guys with robotic suits surrounding him, jumps out of the helicarrier, lands on a flying F-14 fighter jet, gets the pilot to land in a football field, and then they go get a burger and fries. Enough said.

I’ve also begun reading the Ultimate Comics Spider-man, which is about a kid named Miles Morales. He is basically like a new spider-man, and you’d have to read it to really understand. But I’d really recommend it, especially since for some people (NOT ME) Peter Parker’s story has become boring.

So yeah. Those were kind of like reviews, right? I hope so. Boredom is setting in now, I’ll be back hopefully before the end of this week.

Have a fantastic day…er…night!