So this evening I had a flash of ‪#‎poemspiration‬*:

I heard you loud and clear
Your scream it pierced my ears
It pierced my heart
My heart broke
When I heard you scream in fear

I came running to your side
I ran towards your fearful cry
Your cry of fear
A single tear
And I told you you were mine

I said I’d never let you go
I said it never would be so
Never, never
Never would it be
I am yours forever, and you will always be my own.

– Ezekiel J Dean

Another one of those poems that sort of spring from that foreign part of my brain called the subconscious. I have no real idea what it means.

*”Poemspiration” is copyright property of Ezekiel Dean, Inc. and any infringement of this…erm…<note: add law jargon here>